"Spotlight" features unsigned, independent and self-releasing mixed genre music from across the world. You can submit tracks for inclusion. Send your EPK and tracks to

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Tuesday @ 10am

Tuesday @ 3pm

Tuesday @ 10pm

Wednesday @ 3pm

Friday @ 9pm

Monday @ 5pm

I'm changing the way Spotlight works.

Up until now, you submit music and it's likely to be played on the show within a couple of weeks (I get a lot of submissions a week). Sadly in the past it means your track probably would only get aired that once. So now the playlist will be a mixture of newly submitted songs and randonly selected past submissions from my database. This means there is more chance of your songs being played multiple times. In addition, I will not be publishing the playlist ahead of time so tune in to see if your track made the cut. This will liven up the playlist and make it much more exciting. 

ON DEMAND evey Saturday