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Mapdot Boy with Superstar Potential

Fox Island River, Newfoundland. Such a great name for a mapdot town previously famous for, well nothing until Sylvester Stallone lookalike resident Jason Benoit put his home-town firmly on the map with his first single "This Is What It Feels Like" in 2013. In fact, a resident of the town recently posted the words “ Can you imagine, having a celebrity in our home town”. That's how proud they are of the local boy made good. It's been a long road from then to his new single released this year (2021) “A Lot About a Little” with some notable high spots on the journey. Jason released a series of singles in 2015 including one of my favourites, Crazy Kinda Love (maybe a window on what was to come later) and Music Canada Gold certified single “Gone, Long Gone”.

Jason's slow burn began to sizzle in 2018 with a brand new music video, “Slow Hand”, A cover of the classic Conway Twitty track (Jason is a BIG Fan), which was also recorded by the Pointer Sisters and given a disco feel in the 80's. The video is captivating, sensual and sexy. So much so that it won a Peoples Choice award at the 2020 East Coast Music Awards. Featuring Canada's Leah Daniels, they undoubtedly had on screen chemistry which brought Jason's potential into sharp focus for his fans as well as the music industry. His dancing wasn't half bad either!

On to 2021 and Jason's music has taken a different highway. His passion now is about the performance and his true love of 90's inspired Honky Tonk music having had lot's of time during the pandemic to think about this new direction. Jason turned to singer-songwriters Aaron Goodvin, Greg Bates and Faren Rachels to write the song. Together they have written songs for the likes of Luke Bryan, Montgomery Gentry and Terry Clark so a great pedigree. Couple that with award winning producer Jeff Dalziel and you have the “Dream Team” capable of creating world class Country Music.

“A lot About a Little” is a self-deprecating song about a small town boy, who knows his roots and that's about all he knows. Living for the weekend, working hard and loving his community. It's truly a song for the current era. From the outset a driving bass line and cool, heavy twangy guitar shuffle gives way to a peaceful, simple bass drum and mandolin riffing off each other. This leaves plenty of room for Jason to begin the story of this simple country boy with simple tastes. Then it's party time! The beat picks up and it's the jam from heaven! Couple all of this with some very cool but subtle harmonies throughout the song and a catchy hook “I may not know a lot, but I know a lot about a little” and right there, you have a contagious, winning song.

Jason is a nice guy and the saying goes, nice guys come last, but seriously, not when they have the winning formula of great writers, a great producer, talented musicians, a classic country music voice and a song that breaks the current country music mould. It's a combination that could easily blow away anyone else on the country music scene right now. I think we are going to hear a lot more from Canadian Country music's Jason Benoit.

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