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Jenny Colquitt - Nouns that describe Exceptional.

Updated: Jun 11

"Exceptional", "Exquisite", "Stand-out", "Masterpiece". These are terms used far to often in music reviews in my opinion but in the case of this weeks review. She is all this and more.

Jenny Colquitt lives in the North West of the UK and, using the first of those phrases, is an "Exceptional" songwriter and performer. She has amassed quite a back catalogue of incredible songs. A great example would be "Dear Daughter" which holds your attention from the first note, left hanging in the air right at the start of the song. It also demonstrates the amazing range in Jenny's voice. Reminiscent of Eva Cassidy's "Fields of Gold", it will give you a flavour of what Jenny can do with such a simple arrangement of piano, synth, great song writing, atmospheric lyrics and pure spaciousness. Absolutely "Exquisite".

Jenny is amassing quite a following for her live Twitch shows where she not only performs her own songs, but takes requests for ANY song from the audience. From Abba to Michael Jackson. Her repertoire seems to be huge and she performs these songs not as covers, but making them her own. I heard Jenny perform Abbas Chiquitita on a recent stream. WOW! "Stand out"! This is actually a very dynamic song and Jenny's arrangement was perfect. What's also interesting about Jenny's Live feeds is the audio mixing and quality are easily as good as a studio album. It's clear that Jenny has REAL fans, loving what she is doing and soaking up her performances and releases.

Jenny's brand new single is "Dirty Town". I think this signals a change in direction for

Jenny's song writing. It has a West End Show anthem or film soundtrack quality. Jenny's tracks in the past have had simple but very effective production. A guitar and vocals, Keyboard and vocal or maybe an added synth. This is a full production piece. It has a dark, anxious quality to the lyrics which is another departure for Jenny. The opening 22 bars builds steadily to a burst of emotional vocal. I can imagine a driving scene as the opening to the video. A view from the windscreen of someone trying to escape from a life of bottled up pain and anxiety. Somehow, despite the dark nature and angst of the song, Jenny's vocal sounds pure, powerful yet angelic. And so to the final word to describe music in music reviews. And in this case it happens to be true. This is simply a "Masterpiece"

"Dirty Town" is available for pre-save and due for release 25th June

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