Life in Music

A series of presentations detailing the musical careers of some of the most influential artists of all time. Written and presented by different producer each week

Producer : Ray Phillips
Co-Producer : Steve Byrne
Co-Producer : Jane Batts
Executive Editor : Lyn Chant
Production assistance : Bob Motley
Research : Chelsea Hale

Life in Music : Jim Reeves

Jim Reeves was my Mothers all time favourite Country Artist. This show will detail his life in music from his first performances right through to his early Death at only 40 in 1964, Written and presented by Ray Phillips


jim reeves.jpg

Life in Music : Madonna

Iconic 80's superstar known for breaking down barriers and breaking the rules. Written and presented by Jane Batts, her biggest fan! 



Life in Music : John Denver

I've been a lifelong fan of John Denver. A few years ago I worked on a tribute show to him and his music as it had such an influence on me. Sadly, the tribute show never came to fruition. So I've decided to create a series of presentations that will tell the life story of this incredible artist in music. Written and presented by Ray Phillips


john denver.jpg

Life in Music : The Who

Formed in 1964 and still performing, The Who are on e of the most enduring British rock bands of the past 50 years! Written and presented by the biggest Who fan, Steve Byrne


the who.jpg